instagram for nonprofitsIf you work at a nonprofit, then you know how great Instagram can be for your group. The social media platform is all about visual storytelling. So, I’m bringing you some of our best “Instagram for Nonprofits” tips today. We love Instagram for our companies that work with nonprofits, schools, and other groups. And, we know from our partners that they love it too. Here are a few of the reasons why!

  • It’s much more positive and friendly than other social media.
  • It’s a huge platform with over 1 billion users.
  • The fact that it’s about visual imagery is compelling.
  • Instagram is continually updated.

Instagram for Nonprofits 5 Easy Tips

If you want to grow your Instagram followers, then there are 5 easy things that you can do. By doing these things every week, you’ll see more people join your cause. And, as you grow your following on social media, you’re going to get more supporters championing your cause!

1. Excellent Images

As you know, Instagram is all about visual images. So, the first Instagram for nonprofits tip is that you need to ensure that the photos and videos you post are excellent. There are more than 95 million posts a day on the platform! That’s a massive amount of imagery. And, what that means is that you have to curate excellent visual content. In other words, when you post to Instagram, you want people to like or comment because the image caught their interest. That brings more followers to you.

2. Stories Ads to Increase Instagram Followers

The second Instagram for nonprofits tip is to invest in creating Stories ads. Stories are content that disappears in 24 hours. But, although it goes, it’s something that helps drive urgency and demand. So, let’s say that you have a special appeal. By creating Stories ads, you get to tell supporters that they only have a short window of time to help you achieve your goal. Also, when you do Stories ads, you’re raising the awareness for your nonprofit brand.

3. eCommerce

The third Instagram for nonprofits tip is eCommerce. Have you ever thought of eCommerce selling, including on Instagram? If you’re seeking additional revenue streams for your charity, one of the best ways to do it is with eCommerce. You can sell artisan merchandise, or fun t-shirts, photos or other things for supporters. Your supporters can buy the items within the Instagram platform for your cause.

4. Influencers on Instagram for Nonprofits

The fourth tip is all about influencers. And, influencers can help your charity grow its Instagram followers. One of the best things to do on Instagram is to follow influencers in the nonprofit space. Get used to liking and commenting on their posts. In other words, engage with them on the platform. And then, as you begin to build a relationship, you can tag them on your posts. Social media is all about social networking. With time, the influencers you follow will begin to share your posts, which will grow your base. Use a tool like Social Blade to find out more about influencers you might want to follow.

5. Tag Supporters

Finally, the last Instagram for nonprofits is to tag your supporters. Meaning, get in the habit of following your donors and volunteers. Those are the people who are most committed to your cause. So, engage with them on social media. When you do it, they’ll be more inclined to become your Instagram followers. And, when you have a special fundraiser or event, tag them. They’re most likely to engage with your content and share it with others because they support and care for your cause.

Remember, Instagram is an excellent platform for nonprofits. It’s an excellent way for your group to convey your story with the use of video and photos. By using Instagram consistently, you’ll see your Instagram likes and Instagram followers grow.


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