13 04, 2017

4 Challenges Facing Nonprofits In 2017 And How To Overcome Them

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Guest Post by Jeremy Silverstein, Vice President of Operations and Vehicle Dispatching, Goodwill Car Donations. Silverstein has handled tens of thousands of donated vehicles, becoming quite an expert in the industry in the past five years he’s been with the organization.  The landscape for nonprofits changed a lot in 2016, not only due to the [...]

12 01, 2016

Chaos Is The New Normal For Social Good

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Guest Post: Linda N. Spencer     Recently, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Wayne. We’re in the process of publishing a book we wrote together that will be released soon. I’ve worked in the social sector for over twenty years. I’ve known Wayne now for almost two years and I’ve been [...]

21 08, 2014

The Challenge of the Horn

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I was reminded again of the fragility of life. Things have been going very well for me. My businesses continue to grow, my personal life is wonderful with people I love close to me and I have lost over 40 pounds after committing to make health and wellness an important priority in my life. However, [...]

19 08, 2014

When It Gets Hot

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Last week, I wrote about the topic of money because I believe it is so important toward running a successful business, social enterprise or non-profit. You can find the articles here and here. Over the last few days, I have had discussions with people who have approached me about my own challenges and I thought [...]

25 06, 2014

Harnessing Energy Strategically to Succeed

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We have all heard these examples from so many walks of life. Try to do something and even if you fail, you are further ahead in the game of life. Most of us know the fact we are here is because we are meant to do something and make things happen. We are meant to [...]