Wayne Elsey, LifeI was reminded again of the fragility of life. Things have been going very well for me. My businesses continue to grow, my personal life is wonderful with people I love close to me and I have lost over 40 pounds after committing to make health and wellness an important priority in my life.

However, I had an interesting thing happen to me. I was growing a horn. Well, ok, it wasn’t a real horn, but I called it a horn. On my forehead, I had a fatty deposit growing and I called it a horn since it sure looked like one. The doctors tell me that all of the weight I lost recently produced this growth, and “lucky” for me, it was on my face.

Last month, I had the offending growth removed by a stellar team of doctors. The surgery went well and I was able to go home. I thought I was lucky and I felt like a million bucks, even after having been in the hospital. But it doesn’t escape me and I know how many things can go wrong and no matter the surgery, there is always a risk.

Two days later, I felt sick and had to go back to the hospital. It turns out I had internal bleeding and it took a little time to get it all under control. That period of time when we found out my recovery was not going as planned was intense.

Within a few days, I went from feeling wonderful, despite the surgery and thinking that I had rapidly and successfully addressed my health issue to feeling very sick and wondering if the internal bleeding was going to get more serious. Clearly, things can happen very quickly and we never really know what the next moment can bring. There is nothing to get you more present and living in the moment than having your health suddenly be on the line, even moderately, as it compares to others who are dealing with very serious life-threatening illnesses.

As I write this, I can tell you that the bleeding was successfully controlled and I am back home and continuing my recovery. I am very fortunate and I know it. The next day or even the next moment in your life is not promised.

While I went through this health scare, I mentally kicked into “survival mode”. Being present, being in the moment and focused on getting better as soon as possible became paramount to me. And upon reflection, I realized or was reminded – again – that when we have challenges in life, whether they are foreseen or not, we need to fight. We need to give it our all and in so doing, we honor those around us and ourselves.

It is important to realize that even if you are scared or unnerved by something that is happening to you, your loved ones expect and require you to give it your best fight and look to find every opportunity to get better and surmount whatever the challenge is.

Sure, I know life is unpredictable and sometimes you don’t win. I know that, and I have been on the losing side of the coin. However, being in the game and showing up to the fight is always half the battle.