This week has already been epic because of the e-book launch with my partner, DonorPerfect. For those of you who work in the nonprofit sector, you know that DonorPerfect has been one of the leading fundraising platforms in the industry for many years. Their specialty is in the development of tailored products that are easy to learn and use.

After months of work, this week we published the book free e-book “3 Key Elements to Take Your Nonprofit from Surviving to Thriving.” When we first started speaking, we had conversations about what’s on the minds of nonprofit leaders. Because most charities have the challenge of getting beyond the surviving stage, based on discussions by people in the field making a difference every day, it became clear that we had to provide the best information possible to help these teams exponentially grow their organizations.

My Path to Creating a Thriving Nonprofit

In case you don’t know my story, I’ll share it with you in a nutshell. Many years ago, when several nations were battered by the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, I was the president of an international shoe manufacturing company. More than 250,000 people lost their lives with millions affected by this devastating natural disaster.

For days I wondered what I could do after being haunted by the image of a single shoe washing ashore in film footage on the news. Within days, I was working with my team and manning the phones asking peers in the shoe industry to join me in shipping shoes to those affected. As you know, people lost everything they owned and were fortunate to have their lives.

Eventually, I founded a nonprofit. By the time I left the organization I had created, my team and I had delivered over 17 million pairs of shoes to people in need, including after Hurricane Katrina. Also, I had led the growth of this nonprofit from an idea with no funding to one with a budget of more than $70 million in fewer than five years. And now, as the founder and CEO of several independent brands, including the leading shoe drive fundraising company in North America, Funds2Orgs, DonorPerfect and I thought we could bring that hard-won experience to you.

3 Elements for Success

In all of my work, I have consistently found that three fundamental ingredients are without question necessary for success. In fact, I would argue that’s virtually impossible to go from surviving to thriving with any one element missing. Consider it like a three-legged stool that will help you create the nonprofit organization that you want so you can make the difference you seek.

  1. Leadership: It doesn’t matter if you’re playing sports, leading a company or a nonprofit, leadership is the essential aspect of the success formula. One of the critical things that everyone should know and understand is that leaders are made and not born, and candidly, anyone can be a leader (even a junior member of your team). I consider myself a student of leadership and am always looking to develop my skills and have discovered that real leadership requires a certain consistent perspective and I outline it all in the free digital e-book.
  2. Big Vision: It’s been said that fortune favors the brave and those people have a tremendous vision. Nowhere in history or books on leadership have you seen stories about leaders that had a timid or small vision that excites few, if any people. The building blocks of a grand concept, particularly in today’s modern and ever-changing environment, include attitude, innovation, risk, and metrics. By downloading the digital book, you’ll have the opportunity to understand how I unpack those elements to help you create a vision that will get your supporters, the community and team excited to want to see it become a reality.
  3. Money: If you know me, then you understand that I am someone who has comfort in speaking about money and fluidity in understanding what it means to create an impact. Frequently, I’ve seen managers or even board leaders in the nonprofit sector have a certain timidity concerning the topic of money. If you’re looking to have a thriving organization, cash is king. Period. You have to get comfortable speaking about the subject and have everyone on your team also comfortable in discussing money. Learn the reasons why you have to love money for your mission, including metrics, capacity, margin and engagement. Learn what I have to say about the topic by downloading your free digital book.

In closing, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the entire DonorPerfect team, as well as my team, for their support. I’m humbled to have had the chance to bring this book to the nonprofit and look forward to more ventures with DonorPerfect. It’s a privilege.

Author of “Not Your Father’s Charity: Grip & Rip Leadership for Social Impact” (Free Digital Download)

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