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One of my favorite articles to write is when I happen upon an organization or cause that is doing excellent work. This time, a friend of mine told me about Wings for Warriors. I think we are all grateful for the servicemen and women who give to our country. The reason I’m writing about Wings for Warriors is because I want to raise awareness around the needs of our wounded soldiers.

I know we’re all war-weary. But, we will never be tired of trying to help the men and women who literally put their lives on the line every single day for our freedom and safety in the United States. We owe these men and women and their families a debt of gratitude and support.

A Medic’s Story

Anthony Ameen, the CEO of Wings for Warriors, was a soldier who was wounded in action. He was a medic with the 2/7 Fox Company in Afghanistan. One day, he was called to help a fallen Marine and he ended up in the middle of an ambush. To get to that Marine, he had to pass a minefield. He did not hesitate and he ran toward the soldier. An IED exploded and Anthony’s left foot was nearly blown off (later it would have to be amputated). The calf of his right leg was also mangled and would ultimately require 30 surgeries to keep from being amputated.

One would think when a wounded soldier returns home, he or she would get all the required medical attention and resources necessary without monumental hurdles. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Anthony and his family faced mounting medical debt and no support or guidance in how to navigate what was happening.

He was denied his insurance benefits from the Traumatic Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance policy. Ultimately, he had to fight the bureaucracy for two years and even had to get help from a Congressional representative.

Word began to spread to other soldiers of the troubles he was having obtaining the resources he required for his new circumstances in life. Soon, Anthony began to receive calls from other vets in similar situations. It spurred Anthony into further action and Wings for Warriors was founded for disabled veterans.

The Work of Wings for Warriors

When wounded and disabled soldiers return to the United States, they need support to help them live in their new realities. Wings for Warriors is a volunteer driven organization which helps with necessary resources so that vets from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan can focus on recovering and transitioning to a new life. Since 2010, Wings for Warriors has assisted over 1,500 soldiers and their families.

Some of what they do in support is as follows:

  • Guidance, advocacy and counseling in dealing with military and government entities to secure healthcare, financial and legal benefits.
  • Financial help for immediate family members traveling to visit wounded loved ones at military and hospital facilities around the nation.
  • Public awareness events and programs to highlight the unique challenges our wounded warriors face and to make sure they receive strong community support.

How You Can Help

There are two important ways you can lend your support to Wings for Warriors:

  1. Wings for Warriors needs volunteers. You can check out if they have a volunteer network in your community by clicking here.
  1. As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Wings for Warriors can always use your financial support. You can make a donation by clicking here.



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