Would you like to learn how you can strategically raise money and get volunteers from corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs?

Would you like to understand what you have to do to attract the highest levels of funding?

If that is the case, then I’d like to give you the opportunity to get the information that you need for CSR success. OneCause and I have partnered to provide nonprofit organizations our insights on how to successfully partner for CSR support.

Why is being effective in CSR partnerships so crucial for nonprofit organizations? Well, here are a couple of the facts:

  • According to a Giving USA report, corporations have donated $20.77 billion.
  • The top 5 companies alone have over $3.8 trillion in collective market value.
  • Consumers are looking for corporations to lead the effort in helping communities make a game-changing impact on societal issues.

Well Aware and CSR

One of the organizations featured in your free digital download is Well Aware, which is a nonprofit in Austin Texas. Their mission is to address water scarcity and contamination on the continent of Africa. The organization was started in 2010, but it already has a successful CSR program, because it understands the importance of corporate partnerships.

One of the CSR initiatives it does is to host “Water Walks” with supporters and groups of people who want to understand more about the work Well Aware does in Africa. As is done by countless people living in Africa, when participants do a water walk, they experience a what it must feel like to walk with heavy jugs of water. In Africa, people, usually women, walk miles every day with large water jugs so they can provide their families with the daily ration of water.

The reason why people have to walk each day for water is that in impoverished countries, infrastructure, such as water pipes, are lacking and there are not the funds in poor communities to build them.

Spectrum Brands and Well Aware

Spectrum Brands has also partnered with Well Aware for an annual “Shower Strike” campaign.  In this program, volunteers around the world vow not to shower until each has raised $1,000 toward the water systems that Well-Aware provides in Africa. This particular CSR effort offers Well Aware with financial support in a short period of time. As an incentive, corporate teams have been offered a day off from work to those fundraisers within the corporation that have raised the most money. A recent campaign raised more than $60,000 for Well Aware.

There’s a lot more to understand regarding how to implement a successful CSR program within your nonprofit organization. The first step in learning how to do it well is to download the free digital resource paper.

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