36902995_mYou want your social enterprise, small business or nonprofit to succeed. One of the key ingredients to have that happen is marketing. We live in exciting times because of social media.

Social media allows any brand to amplify their brand and messaging to countless others. Remember when you were a kid and you took two empty soup cans and a string and spoke to your friend at a long distance with the sting held tautly? That little can “telephone” amplified your voice. Later in business, you asked for word of mouth referrals. And, now today, through digital marketing best practice and technology, you can have your supporters and followers amplify your message to countless numbers of their followers.

So, how can you effectively amplify your message?

  • Brand Advocates: Today’s consumers and donors don’t want to be sold. They don’t want to be part of your advertising campaign. There’s nothing they dislike more than blatant selling. Smart marketers have changed their tactics. They are reaching people through smart word of mouth through their friends and acquaintances. If your parent, friend or child is supporting or aligning him or herself to a particular brand, you’re more willing to accept that endorsement than you would any advertisement. So, I can’t stress this enough. Provide your supporters and followers with great value added. Get content that is of interest to them. This, in turn, will put them in a position to be more likely to share your content with your own network. Don’t forget that your employees have social networks. Start close with your own team, leadership and then work out to others. 
  • Socialize: In today’s world you can’t ignore social media. Sorry. It’s not going to work in the long-term. So, you need to get your social on. Hire someone to work on networking on social media at least part-time every day, if not full-time. You have to have a daily presence on a couple of the largest platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. And, to be effective at getting your message out there (and shared), here are two pieces of advice:
  1. Post high quality content.
  2. Post content with visuals and video

You not only want to put stuff out there, you also need to engage. That means when your supporters and followers post something make a comment. If they comment on something you’ve posted, reply to them. Many brands fail to engage when someone engages with them. Don’t do that. You’re wasting a valuable opportunity to be noticed.

Engage with thought leaders in your field. Share high quality information with them from your brand and others that makes sense. Ask them to comment or share.

  • Amplification Tools: Social networking and social media take a lot of smart work. But in today’s world there are tools you can use to help you amplify your brand and message. Here are just a few for you to take a look at (but there are many others):
  1. Outbrain: This company’s Amplify product links to your content. It then helps it appear as recommendations on the largest Internet content publishers. The greater the interest in the content, the more it is promoted.
  2. LinkedIn: Now that LinkedIn has opened its publishing platform, Pulse, to all users, this is an opportunity for your organization to be a thought leader to your network and beyond.
  3. Bundle Post: Allows you to promote your brand using the content of others. In social media, you simply can’t hog the spotlight. You have to have a solid mix of content from others to show your supporters that you care about a particular issue, not simply self-promotion. This platform allows you to curate the most recent content on the Internet, schedule it and use the most relevant hashtags.


Author of “Not Your Father’s Charity: Be Bold, Dominate and Succeed in Marketing For Today’s Digital World On A Limited Budget”.


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