6SuccessLook around you. By your definition of success, are you successful?

Do you have the life and money you need to have?

Do you enjoy what you do for a living?

Are you happy with your spouse or partner?

Be honest with yourself.

What if I told you you’re only 6 inches from success?

Yes, it’s true.

You are absolutely 6 inches from success.


There are 6 inches between both of your ears. In between is your mind. In other words, your mindset is what’s standing between you and success. That’s it.

If you’re not where you want to be in life or have the success you want in your life, it’s because of YOU. It’s not anything outside of you.

It’s not your boss.

It’s not your spouse.

It’s not too little money.

It’s not whether or not you had the right education or social network.

It’s not your childhood.

It’s not your present.

It’s none of that.

Pal, it’s you.

And now that you know there’s only 6 inches between you and success, let me tell you how to cross those 6 inches. It could be a journey of an instant or a lifetime. But the secret sauce is exceedingly simple. And, it’s all on you.

If you’re mindset is off; if your mind is not in the game of success, you’re out. You already lost the game.

Adjust your mindset and focus on success.

That’s it.

It’s not magical. It’s not a secret that you have to work a lifetime to uncover. It’s so simple. Think about it.

Take a look at your life.

Are you where you want to be?

If not, look at your mindset. And if it’s all negative, change it. Positivity all the time – even when it hurts. Get rid of the negative. Stay positive and focus step by step on achieving your goals–no matter what tries to prevent you from your life path.


Author of “Get Off the Couch: Grip & Rip and Break the Barriers Holding You Back in Life” (Free Digital Download)


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