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I think many of us say it almost every year. It’s unbelievable how fast time flies, and here we are again in the holiday season of another year, which will soon draw to a close.

This year, the team at Funds2Orgs and I have a lot for which to be grateful because we’ve been able to do many things because of the support of all of our partners.

One of the most significant things that we were able to do was to establish the Funds2Orgs Group, which became the parent company of all of the shoe drive fundraising brands, which include Funds2Orgs, Sneakers4Funds, Shoes With Heart and Cash4Shooz.

I know when we started the first brand in 2012, Funds2Orgs, some people had no idea we would become the dominant shoe drive fundraising company and social enterprise in the nation. However, it’s been nearly seven years since my team and I founded the company, and now here we are today with four shoe drive fundraising brands being the leaders in the industry.

We could not have such enormous success without the thousands of partners we’ve had join our shoe drive fundraising movement since we started.

It simply would not have been possible.

We are incredibly grateful for the trust so many have placed in us.

Now we have Funds2Orgs Group and our brands, and we’ve worked hard every year, especially this one, to accomplish our four goals:

  1. Help nonprofits, churches, schools, business, running clubs, and so many others to raise money and make a social impact.
  2. Support the environment by creating a socially responsible way for communities to dispose of gently worn, used and new shoes.
  3. Help micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations to obtain inventory and opportunities to sell the shoes in their countries so they could create living wages for themselves.
  4. Create jobs for Americans in the United States.

We know that the end of the year tends to be a period of reflection, and I know my team and I are incredibly grateful for the trust and partnerships we’ve had with so many entities and families in the years since we first started our shoe drive fundraising business.

As always, my team and I are looking forward, and 2019 is already well within our view.

What’s next?

In the coming months, we’re going to be launching a new brand, Head2Toe Recycling, which will provide an opportunity for anyone who would like to get rid of old clothes, shoes, and even cell phones and make a social impact. There’s always an opportunity to do more and be more. My team and I firmly believe that, which is why we are still restless and never stop evolving, doing more and making a broader impact.

Our Message

As the founder and CEO of Funds2Orgs Group, I have the privilege to extend to all of our partners past and present our warmest wishes for the holiday season. Thank you so much for being part of our family.

We look forward to being able to create other opportunities in the coming year to help many organizations, businesses, clubs, groups, and families in North America raise money and make an even greater social impact.


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