visionEvery day I wake up and there’s one thing on my mind.

Every day I push myself and team to be the absolute best.


In my companies, we’ve been talking a lot about leadership. This is what happens when your suite of businesses and social enterprises blow past the start-up phase. Every developing organization goes through growing pains on its way to being a dominating force.

There’s nothing wrong with that. To keep things interesting, life gives us many opportunities and challenges for growth.

There’s only one thing that I see every day a social enterprise and business owner.

BIG vision.

I’m not interested in incremental anything. I’m don’t care about one step at a time. What I want to do every day with my team is to paint a bold picture. I want it full of color. I want it rich with texture. I want to dominate the industry in every sector where we work.

If you run a nonprofit, school or social enterprise, you don’t want to think small. No one is interested in a vision that is not audacious. Who would support that?

By the way, every manager within an organization can set visions in support of the overall vision.

Every day good managers are faced every day with staffing issues. One of the most important things to remember is that transformation is inspiration. Although we sometimes have to work in a transactional way, we always want to have an overarching vision that inspires.

How big is the vision you’re setting in your nonprofit, social enterprise or team environment?

Human nature is such that most of us want to be part of something. But, we don’t want to simply be part of just anything. What’s the fun in that? We want to be part of something that we can be proud of. We want to be part of something we can share with our friends and family.

The only way to really do this is to set a compelling vision. It has to be a big vision. Visions are not meant to be moderate and fear-based. They are meant to inspire. And yes, the visions that seem impossible are the best kind. You’ll always be striving toward something.

How do you know if you created a big and compelling vision?

It’s not hard to know if you have a vision that’s going to get your followers, teams and supporters engaged. Does your vision inspire people? Does it excite them?

If it’s not inspiring or exciting, your vision’s not big enough.

Is there a story connected to that vision?

Since the beginning of time, humans have been telling stories to each other. What’s the narrative about the vision you’re setting for your team? Does it move people into action? Do they see the vision as something that is credible and is of benefit to others and them?

As yourself, what is it about the vision that you’re setting that would compel people to want to be a part of it? If you can answer that credibly and with excitement, you’ve got something.


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