Today I would like to thank my colleagues at OneCause for what has been a great partnership. In case you’re not aware of it, we’ve recently published A Nonprofit’s Guide to the World of Corporate Social Responsibility. You can find your free copy of this vital digital resource paper one the OneCause site.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) should be part of any nonprofit’s fundraising revenue stream. Although individuals are by far give the highest levels to philanthropy, corporations represent about 10 percent of giving, which is in the billions of dollars.

In fact, according to Giving USA, corporations gave to philanthropic causes  $20.77 billion in 2017. That amount represents an increase of 8 percent over the previous year, especially because corporations are flush with cash and consumers demand that they play a positive role in society.

In the free resource paper, you’ll learn the following:

Consumers, in particular, the younger generations, have demanded that corporations help lead efforts to improve the lives of people and society as a whole. Because of activist consumerism, corporations understand that they must demonstrate social responsibility to attract customers, retain them and also make a profit.

  • How to effectively access corporate philanthropy, which includes the 7 activities you should do to attract corporate support.
  • How to create a corporate nonprofit to for-profit volunteer programs, which helps corporate teams become familiar by working with your mission, cause and the work you do in the community.
  • How to create a winning CSR marketing opportunity with your corporate partners to ensure that you are both getting increased exposure in your community with marketing.

CSR offers an excellent opportunity for you and your nonprofit organization to create and grow another revenue stream and also to gain many new supporters, which could come to your organization by way of a corporate volunteer program.

If you haven’t had the chance yet to download your free copy of our essential resource paper about corporate social responsibility, this is your opportunity to do it right now.

Finally, because of the success that the resource paper has had since its publication, OneCause and I will be providing interested nonprofits and other organizations with a webinar on October 17thof this year. Stay tuned to this space for more information, but I invite you to join the folks over at OneCause and me for your exclusive webinar opportunity about corporate social responsibility.

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