matching giftsI’ve been working in the social sector for 13 years, and I’ve spoken to plenty of school and nonprofit executives and directors of development. There’s one overlooked area of fundraising, and that’s matching gifts.

According to Double the Donation, here’s what’s happening:

  • Many corporations match gifts from their employees up to $10,000;
  • Nonprofits earn between $2 billion to $3 billion dollars through matching gift programs every year; and,
  • $6 billion to $10 billion worth of matching gift revenue is left unclaimed annually.

For the sake of transparency, I will tell you that we do a lot of promoting of our social enterprise fundraising company, and we discovered Double the Donation when we stumbled on an excellent list of fundraising ideas. We made sure to add our fundraising group to the list of 83 ideas.

I like the team very much at Double the Donation, and of course, I’m happy to give them a plug. But, the point of this article is that your nonprofit or school may be losing a lot of money because you’re not aggressively pursuing matching gifts. Whether you partner with Double the Donation or someone else, the fact is that you want to secure all the of the matching gifts your organization can receive.

At Double the Donation, they provide nonprofits and schools with tools and resources that help organizations increase funding through corporate employee matching gift and volunteer grant programs. One of their clients is Lazarex Cancer Foundation. This organization gives hope and dignity to end-stage cancer patients. After the nonprofit partnered with Double the Donation, they experienced an increase of 200 percent in matching gifts.

Double the Donation helps organizations in three ways:

  1. They help schools and nonprofits create excitement helping donors understand that they can increase their donations through corporate matching gifts.
  1. The company provides tools to its partners to help supporters discover if their employers will match donations, and if so, how much they will match.
  1. Double the Donation offers tools that help donors quickly access matching gift processing forms, guidelines, and instructions.

Double the Donation works with its partners to help organizations strategically promote matching gifts through multi-channel communications. This marketing includes access to matching gift information on nonprofit websites. Their tools allow schools and nonprofits to create and customize matching gift and volunteer grant pages. By doing so, it helps donors to easily find their companies and everything they need to access company-specific matching gift information.

Whether you look at Double the Donation or any other type of platform, the fact that there’s so much money on the table should give you a compelling reason to get your fundraising team to follow-up and make sure you get every matching gift available to your organization.


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