I always say it: anyone can make a social impact and make a difference in the world. And, in today’s digital age, we’re fortunate to have a lot of great apps that can help anyone do social good. What follows are some cool social good apps, including some of my favorites:

  1. Change Creator Magazine: This digital magazine is intended for people who are looking to do something meaningful. One of the reasons why I like it is because as a social entrepreneur and the CEO of a leading shoe drive fundraising company, I know that almost any entrepreneur can make a difference in the world, and a profit.
  1. Charity Miles: Most of us care about our health. I try to make it to the gym as often as I can every week. If you’re active—or looking to become active—here’s some motivation for you. When you walk, jog or do some physical activity Charity Miles you earn sponsorship at $0.10 to $0.25 per mile. The funding comes from global sponsors, such as Johnson & Johnson and Chobani. The money goes to more than thirty affiliated charities, which you choose.
  1. Orange Harp: This app is all about sustainability. How would you like to buy products that help support people around the world and are not harmful to our planet? The products are made with natural or recycled materials. Additionally, all producers adhere to rules of fair standards for people and animals, and practice energy-saving manufacturing, and methods that are sustainable.
  1. One Today: If you can afford to give $1 a day, you’ll like this app. What it does is create an opportunity for you to give every day of the year. Each day, receive the name of an organization and project that will inspire you to give and with one click, you’ll be able to donate $1. Imagine 365 days of making a charitable difference in the world, $1 at a time.
  1. Do Something: I’ve given a shout-out to this group in the past. Do Something is a global organization that seeks to harness the energy of young people to do something positive in the world. With their app, they’ve done something unique. They inform their target audience about the news that’s happening around the world, and then they take it one step further. The Do Something app provides ideas and ways its users can make an impact immediately depending on the news items.
  1. ShareTheMeal: This is an app from the United Nations World Food Programme. In case you were not aware, they are the largest organization in the world fighting hunger. The app is a micro-donation site. For only $0.50 a day you can feed a child in poverty. Donations have helped provide nearly 11 million meals to date. This app also lets you know where your money is going and features excellent transparency.
  1. GoodGuide: One of the things you can do as a consumer is to buy products that are green, socially responsible and healthy for you and our planet. Increasingly, people don’t want to buy products that are toxic or harmful. GoodGuide allows you to buy highly rated products based on scientific research.
  1. Boomcast: This app will give you some positive inspiration every day. You can see and share videos, stories, and quotes from people around the world who are seeking to create a positive world. You can also upload articles, chat with people in other places, and inspire your followers.
  1. MicroHero: This is a cool app that’s sponsored by global companies. You can help these companies with their consumer and market research. As payment, they will make a micro-donation to your favorite charity in a list of over 200 leading organizations. The more responses you provide companies looking to do some research or have consumer questions answered, the more money you raise for charity.
  1. Forward: This is another app that’s looking to help efforts toward sustainability. We know that millions of goods and products are thrown in the garbage, which then go into landfills. That’s harmful to the environment. I’m personally well aware of it because of my shoe drive fundraising company. My partners collect gently worn, used and new shoes so they can raise money and we can issue a check for the total weight of the shoes. Forward helps you give away what you don’t need to people who want it. And in exchange, the person who will be receiving the item will make a donation to charity.


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