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I hope in the midst of your holiday shopping, you’ll find the time to donate or somehow support your favorite cause. There’s no better time than the holiday season to think about the people across our great country, or even around the world, who are in need of additional support provided to them by charitable organizations.

This is my fourth year writing about holiday giving to charity, and it’s one of my favorite pieces to write because it gives me an opportunity to convey to others some charitable organizations of which they might not have been aware. As many who work in the nonprofit sector know, there are approximately 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and giving continues to climb each year. Americans are the most generous and philanthropic people on earth, and philanthropy is an integral part of our culture.

While there’s no way to capture even a fraction of the organizations that are worthwhile causes to support this year, here are some of the ones that made my list this year and next Tuesday, I will be providing you another group:

Toys For Tots: The U.S. Marine Corps works each year with this group to collect new and unwrapped toys during the last quarter of the year to distribute to children in need. Toys are distributed in areas where the Marine Corps Reserve Unit are located. In places where there is no Reserve Unity, the campaign is done by the Marine Corps League Detachment or Marine veterans that are authorized to collect toys. You can also donate money for toys.

Easterseals: In 2019, this organization has been in existence for 100 years and it recently hired a new president, Angela F. Williams, who has 30 years in the nonprofit sector. This charity is the leading nonprofit in the country providing services for people with disabilities and their families. In addition, they also serve veterans and their families.

AARP: Most people know the brand name of AARP, but they might miss that it is the country’s largest nonprofit organization advocating and empowering Americans over the age of 50. It is an amazing organization that provides invaluable information and support for those over 50, and also works to ensure through its lobbying to protect the interests of younger people who will someday benefit from programs, such as Social Security.

Adopt A Love Story: At my social enterprise, Funds2Orgs, we work with many adoptive families and realize that the costs for adoption can be significant for most families. Adopt A Love Story is another resource to help families raise funds for their adoptions. The reality is that there are millions of children around the world in need of a permanent home, and families that want to adopt should not be prevented because of finances.

Convoy of Hope: Since its inception, Convoy of Hope has benefitted more than 80 million people all around the world. They have assisted families and people in need with emergency supplies, food, water, and agricultural knowledge––all with the aim of helping people out of poverty and hunger, and prevent and contain diseases.

Communities in Schools: This organization targets the 1 in 5 child under the age 18 that lives in poverty in the U.S. Children who live in poverty have a higher risk of not consistently attending school or dropping out due to their circumstances at home. This organization works with 2,300 schools in 25 states and D.C. to empower students to help them remain and succeed in school.

MAP International: This faith-based organization helps to provide people and children around the world health supplies and life-changing medicines, and it’s done regardless of faith, gender, nationality, race, or ethnic background. The group has delivered $485 million in aid to 102 countries and 10 million people.

Stay tuned, and next time, I’ll be sharing more nonprofits you can consider supporting this holiday season.


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