This year Giving Tuesday is on Tuesday, November 27th. I’m sure you’ve got everything together, and you’re finalizing your plans for what to do for the most significant fundraising day on the calendar!

If you’re looking for final ideas about what you should be doing, download the free Funds2Orgs digital resource guide.

Don’t miss Giving Tuesday. By now you’ve heard about it because thousands more nonprofits, schools, churches and civic groups join the movement each year since it started in 2012. There’s a good reason why organizations realize that it’s a no-to-be-missed fundraising event.

  • Last year, over $300 million was raised online.
  • 5 million contributions were made.
  • $120.40 was the median gift.
  • Over 1 million mentions were made on social media regarding Giving Tuesday.
  • Over 21.7 billion impressions were made on Twitter about the movement.

In other words, each year Giving Tuesday grows and becomes an even greater part of the fundraising calendar for many, or even more, organizations.

By downloading the Funds2Orgs Giving Tuesday Guide called Your Essential Giving Tuesday 101 Guidebook, you’ll have the chance to get more information that can make Giving Tuesday and the holiday season a greater success for you.

  • You’ll read ideas from organizations like yours that have been successful with Giving Tuesday.
  • You’ll discover the top 10 ideas that can work for your organization, some which you might be able to include into your plans for this year.
  • You’ll find out about the best hashtags to use on social media and also how to prepare your Facebook page.
  • When you download the guide, you’ll get thoughts for how to engage your community, which is vital for fundraising success on Giving Tuesday or at any time of the year.
  • You’ll discover how to become a nonprofit leader and what to do in your community to get even your local representatives involved in your cause, such as your mayor’s office.
  • Corporations are becoming a more significant part of comprehensive fundraising programs, and you’ll understand 5 of the best ways you can take advantage of CSR programs in your community.
  • The Funds2Orgs team will also give you the elements to be able to tell your story in one paragraph because in today’s world you have to be able to communicate concisely.
  • You’ll also find out about social media automation tools that can help you for Giving Tuesday––and every day of the year!

There’s a lot of content in the free Funds2Orgs Giving Tuesday digital resource, but we know it’s of great value to many of our nonprofit partners and organizations looking for the best tips and strategies to succeed.

Don’t wait because Giving Tuesday is right around the corner. Download your free digital copy of Your Essential Giving Tuesday 101 Guidebook  now.

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