how can I save the planetOne of the things that have been on the minds of millions of people this year is the question, how can I save the planet? Let’s take a look at some of the recent realities concerning the environment.

Saving the Planet to Survive

For us to save the planet, requires the participation of every person. Also, we need governments, businesses, and nonprofits to take leadership roles in the biggest challenge of our times. The debate on climate change is finished. Scientists and most global leaders understand this is an existential threat to humanity and all living things. But, even if some will not rise to the challenge, it does not mean that the rest of us cannot do it. The following includes information found in this guide by Funds2Orgs for green living.

1. Recycle every day to save the planet

The average American throws out 81 pounds of clothing and shoes each year. What’s more, 70 percent of people in the world wear recycled clothing. As an example, nonprofits can do a clothing or shoe recycling fundraiser. Raise money for your cause by asking donors to give you their used shoes, for instance. All of the collected items go to small business owners around the world in need of merchandise to sell.

2. Wear a sweater in your home

During the winter, there’s something you can do to lower your electric bill. Also, when you wear a sweater or light jacket in your home or office, you’re helping to save the planet. Every time you crank up the heat, the carbon dioxide goes into the air. And, as you know, carbon dioxide is killing our planet because nature can’t process it fast enough. Too much carbon dioxide traps the heat of the sun in our atmosphere, which then increases temperatures.

3. Save the planet by ridesharing

Some cities and towns are made for walking, such as New York City. Others, like where I live, are not. But that doesn’t mean that we all have to use cars. Instead, think about ridesharing with others. If you live in a place where you need a car to get around, limit or eliminate driving alone. Instead, pick up others on your way or to do your daily activities. A third of greenhouse gases come from transportation, which is why companies and cities are rethinking transportation. Do your part to help.


4. Eliminate the plastic as much as possible

Plastics harm the environment because it kills marine life, people and can’t be recycled. So, limiting or eliminating the use of plastics is a great goal. If you wonder how you can stop using plastics to save the planet, I’ve got some ideas for you. Use a stainless steel straw that you can carry and wash. If you’re a gum eater, stop chewing it. It’s made of synthetic rubber and is not good for teeth. Don’t drink from plastic cups at home or in the office. For more ideas, click here.

5. Get rid of the junk mail

No one likes junk mail. Well, did you know there’s a great way to get rid of it and save trees in the process? Use a service such as TrustedID to cancel catalogs and junk mail. As a result of signing up with them, your name will get off lists, which will stop a lot of the junk mail sent to your home or office.

6. Use ENERGY STAR appliances

We all know that machines can take up a lot of energy. Also, they consume phantom power. Make it a point when you buy new appliances for your home or office to get ones with the ENERGY STAR label. When you do so, you give business to thousands of companies that offer customers energy-efficient products. And, as you know, when we use hardware that is energy efficient, it helps us save the planet and lower the bills.

7. Save the planet by planting a tree

If you remember your science in school, the world needs trees. As you know, trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere through photosynthesis. And, in the process, they give us back oxygen. An awesome idea to save the planet, and also make a gift in honor of someone is to participate in the effort to plant a billion trees. The cost of the tree depends on the type of tree and location, but it’s something that will make an enormous difference.


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