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Every month, about 500,000 begin a new business and many entrepreneurs do not realize how the customer experience not only relates to consumers but also their teams. In fact, an exceptional customer experience means increased profitability, and your team has a significant part to play in the business.

One of the most critical things you can do for your business is to get the right people working with you in whatever capacity. Perhaps you’ll have people working with you who are consultants or hourly employees that focus on some of the nitty-gritty, which allows you to grow and develop customers and maximize revenue. Regardless of who makes up your “team,” it’s always important to remember that the people who are involved in your business have a lot to do with your success.

So, treat them as you would your customers and give them an excellent customer experience!

Valued Employee

Some time ago, a manager on my team in one of my businesses wanted to brainstorm some ideas to retain a valued team member. The issue was that this person what a great asset to our company, but within the business itself and that department, there as no opportunity for advancement at that time. We had a sense that the employee was putting out feelers and the manager and I found ourselves brainstorming ideas for retention. Ultimately, the manager had an off-site conversation, and we found a perfect job for this person in another area of one of my other businesses.

I asked my manager to have a conversation with the team member off-site. I asked the manager to treat the employee as he would a customer and get an understanding of this person’s thoughts and ideas for their career in the short and long term, and also with our company. It made the difference for us, and we were able to retain this person. We created a win-win situation because we made sure to let the team member know we were listening and valued them.

Your Team is Your First Customer

You should consider everyone who works with you as a customer. And, as the leader and entrepreneur, it’s your task to give them not only everything they need to ensure that they do their jobs well but, also so your team have the opportunity to develop with you––especially if they are talented, committed and a great worker.

If you think that your business is to make a profit, you would be correct. But, to get to profitability, you need to have a crew that’s rowing with you in the same direction and at the same pace. The way you develop that team is by being a leader and serving them and their needs and interests. You have to make sure your team feels valued for their thoughts, energy and work ethic. When your team understands that you care and appreciate them, guess what happens? They’re more committed to your company, and they’re productivity increases.

Your Team and Profit Margin

Today’s customers are demanding. More than likely, by the time they’re calling you on the telephone or sending you an email, they’ve already done their research on you. They know what an acceptable price is for your product or service and they’re also looking for a customer experience that will be integral for them to maintaining a relationship with you.

Although it would be nice, you’re not going to communicate with every customer personally. It’s simply impossible. Therefore, you have to create an environment that will provide customer excellence, and your team members will deliver it. Not only will the people in the sales team be responsible for providing an excellent customer experience, but so will your marketing team, finance people, and others. Every area ultimately is working toward the same goal, profitability, and success. And, everyone is contributing toward the customer experience. If you model an excellent team experience for your employees, they will see that this is an essential aspect of the company’s core values. With excellent service comes a higher profit margin.

Starting a business is a great learning experience, and it’s something I recommend doing if you’re inclined. But with the business planning, finances, marketing, operations, sales, customers, management, leadership and all of the other issues you have to deal with as a business owner, the one you don’t want to forget is your team. Being a leader that looks to provide them excellence will create an essential “customer experience” within your company. Show your team every day what it means to go above and beyond. If you create a business environment that’s always looking to meet their needs, in turn, your team will turn around and seek to ensure that your customer’s needs are met as well.


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