This week we’ve hard-launched Head2Toe Recycling, which provides you and everyone in your community with an excellent way to dispose of your unwanted clothing, related accessories, shoes, and mobile phones. What happens once you do it is that these items get converted into a donation to five charities that I’ll tell you about in a few moments. Head2Toe Recycling issues a check to one of the five nonprofits that you’ll select based on your priorities when we receive the clothing, accessories, shoes and your cell phone. The material is then consolidated with the thousands of others we collect, and they are shipped to micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations who sell or recycle and repurpose the items. Our team realized that because of our experience and infrastructure, we could provide people like you, charities in our country, about 4,000 small business owners in developing countries, and our environment with a win/win/win/win.

Did you know that consumers are the primary contributors to waste in landfills?

The reality is that the biggest contributors to landfill waste are consumers. In the U.S., we’ve gotten good at recycling bottles, cans, plastic and paper, but we are terrible at recycling clothing and related items. The reason is that most people don’t realize that textiles represent 65.7 percent of what’s in landfills, and that’s just making a mess of our environment. They also don’t know where to give away their stuff, and in the event, they find a place, sometimes they are told the organization is no longer accepting things. It’s just not sustainable, which is why we now find that climate change is considered one of the most significant threats to life on this planet.

We’ve got a solution.

It’s sustainability simplified.

We’re challenging everyone to rethink recycling.

And, we’re inviting you to join the recycling revolution.

What charities are supported when you decide to stop throwing your clothing, accessories, shoes and mobile phones in the garbage?

When you don’t throw your old apparel and cell phones away in the trash, you make a positive contribution, as was explained earlier to making a difference and a positive social impact. One of the main features of partnering with our team is that you can also contribute to one of the charities that we’re proud to have the opportunity to support––with your help. All of them are leaders in the U.S. changing the lives of Americans and people in need.


Feed the Children

When you decide to make your contribution of your apparel to Feed the Children, you’re working as a partner to help eradicate childhood hunger, not just in our country, but also around the world. With its proven and innovative programs in disaster relief, education, poverty relief and also providing food and water, for example, this charity serves on the frontlines of the effects of poverty on children.


Wounded Warrior Project

Our men and women in the military fight tirelessly to protect our freedom and way of life around the world. When they experience military engagements, some return to his or her home with physical, mental and emotional disabilities. The Wounded Warrior Project supports our soldiers who have put their lives on the line for others when they return home with combat-related injuries.


American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society has as its goal the ending of cancer in the U.S. and also around the world. Too many people die of this dreaded disease. American Cancer Society works in funding and conducting scientific research, supporting patients, and educating the public regarding prevention. As the world works to end cancer, the American Cancer Society helps lead the effort.



The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) was the first humane society created in North America. Today, it is one of the most significant organizations protecting animals who are vulnerable in the U.S. and also in places around the world. Daily, this charity supports programs and animal welfare efforts to prevent animal cruelty and ensure the well-being of animals in need.


Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Logo

For more than 100 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America has been working to cultivate and develop the potential of children. It is our country’s largest donor, and volunteer supported mentoring network, matching children and adults. The organization works to promote positive relationships, which have a direct impact on improving the potential of children now and in their future.


My team and I invite you to take a look at helping us create a better world by directly sending us your clothing, accessories, shoes and mobile phones through Head2Toe Recycling. Together, we can make a difference in our communities, the U.S. and also the world.


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