social good summitRecently, members of my team attended the Social Good Summit sponsored by Mashable in person and virtually. This year, the conference celebrated its 10th anniversary. The United Nations Foundation, Mashable, the 92nd Street Y, and the United Nations Development Programme created the summit. The conference celebrates activism, but it also motivates people into action. This year’s summit aimed at climate change. For nine hours, one speaker after another rang the alarm, demanded and inspired.

The reality is that we only have one planet, and there is no other option but to save it. As was said at the Social Good Summit, individuals must push governments and businesses to do more. And, in turn, businesses and governments must galvanize the global population also to do its part.

The “Lion King” and the Social Good Summit

The conference provided its audience with many highlights. But, one of the topics that caught the interest of my team concerned the Lion King. Activists targeted Disney because while it has made billions with the use of the image of a lion, they have to up their game for the environment. Sir David Attenborough has asked that companies that profit from the images of animals contribute at least 5 percent of their earnings to conservation. At present, Disney has given 2 percent. In the meantime, “Since the film came out, wild lion populations have fallen by more than 40 percent.”

Post Social Good Summit Actions You Can Take Today

Again, we all have a role to play, as was discussed at the Social Good Summit. It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual or the executive of a nonprofit. Every one of us can make a shift and tell our story in a way that includes the environment. Therefore, let’s take a look at how all of us can make a shift toward supporting the environment.

Time-off and Sustainability

Although we’re heading into the winter months, parts of our country still have warm weather. And, next year, the whole country will have another spring and summer. The Social Good Conference served as an excellent reminder about the urgent issues facing our planet, its animals, humans, and future generations. In other words, we have to do more, and we have to do it now.  So, if you want ideas about supporting the environment, an excellent place to start is during your off-hours at home or on vacation.

A few ideas for environmental sustainability that you can start today is to limit the use of your air conditioner, go paperless, and take eco-vacations. When in warmer temperatures, practice green grilling when cooking.

Sustainable Transportation Ideas for Your Next Conference

One of the exciting ideas that came through at the Social Good Summit was about spatial computing. Magic Leap is a company doing it, which is taking our interactions in the digital world to a whole other level. Within about a year or two, this company and others seek to make virtual events feel even more life-like. Imagine a world where it feels as if your colleagues are in the same room with you, when they are half-way across the country or world. That’s what’s soon going to happen, which means people won’t have to take as many planes.

But, it’s not only about planes when going to attend conferences and meetings. We have to get better at what we do with transportation around our towns. Therefore, as an individual or nonprofit leader, you can encourage more environmentally-friendly ways for you and your team to get around. Those include scooters and, yes, even walking.

What Your Nonprofit Can Do Today for the Environment

Finally, this entire blog is about nonprofit and social good leadership. Reading this post is a chance for you to lead on a critical issue for our planet. Again, we must all act. Even if your nonprofit has a mission that is not related to the environment, you can do things today to go green at home and work. You don’t have to have an environmental mission. In this article, you’ll learn about two charities that have served their communities environmentally. And, they have also raised money doing it. In other words, with a little research and creative thinking, your nonprofit and you can rise to the challenge that faces us.

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