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Changes will be coming to Not Your Father’s Charity, which will enhance the experience and information that people who come to the blog want to see. First, I want to thank everyone who has been following me and reaching out concerning the posts that I’ve written and posted to my blog. I’m very grateful.

The focus of the blog has been to provide my followers with information concerning how to go from surviving to thriving with their nonprofit. As a restless entrepreneur who is never satisfied because there’s always something to do to be bigger and make a more significant global impact, I’ve spent more than 10 years growing a nonprofit and then various for-profit social enterprises. Not Your Father’s Charity has provided me a platform to be able to share with the philanthropic community my approach to making a difference. A few of the most popular posts that seem to have had the greatest impact in the community include the following:

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However, in the last year, particularly because of my writing for Forbes regarding business, I added more articles that were business oriented. That’s about to change. Not Your Father’s Charity started with a focus on helping the philanthropic community move forward in the 21stCentury with ideas and thoughts that would help the 1.5 million charities, especially the smaller ones, to grow and develop.

Around the time that I started writing regularly for Forbes, some people wanted to understand how I developed multiple lines of business and pushed them to become market leaders in their respective industries. In other words, I found myself with a whole new audience that wanted content geared toward their needs. At the time, I was very focused, with my team, on developing and refining our shoe drive fundraising brands. I decided to add business articles to Not Your Father’s Charity, but I knew that at some time down the line, I would be revisiting this decision.

Change helps to refocus

Within the last year, the audiences who follow our work in the philanthropic world and those who care about how to develop their small businesses to multi-million enterprises have exponentially expanded, which means I have to become more user-focused. Again, I’m incredibly grateful to have this “challenge,” but the time has come to change so there could be a better focus, experience, and value for the people who follow the work of my team and me.

As of February, Not Your Father’s Charity will no longer have articles that are intended for businesses and entrepreneurs. Instead, this blog will be getting back to the basics of social good. Just as in society, the 21stCentury has brought with it lots of changes for the philanthropic world, and there’s always something to discuss. Younger generations, including Millennials and Generation Z, are looking to change the very nature of traditional philanthropy. Additionally, technology is changing how nonprofits are doing their fundraising. If algorithms and AI continue to make the need for humans unnecessary, will charities need to hire fundraisers in the future if AI can target and make the ask of donors on social media? That’s just one of the countless questions that face the philanthropic sector in the coming years in a world where the future is now.

Moving the business-focused blogs out of Not Your Father’s Charity will allow me to explore these issues and many others. As of February, I will get back to only writing about the philanthropic sector and exploring how you can grow your nonprofit from zero to a scalable organization. To do that effectively and because of the extensive demands on my time and travels, I will also be scaling back the number of posts that will be written, and I will share new content only twice per month––every other Tuesday.

What happens to the business posts?

One of the reasons I have to scale back the amount of content from my blog is because, candidly, I don’t have that much time to write. With four shoe drive fundraising brands, a growing strategic marketing business, a logistics company, and other ventures, a lot is going on and the demands on my time have increased. But, I’m having a great time being a serial entrepreneur and developing several multi-million businesses is something that is an awesome challenge for my team and me and can also be done by anyone who desires to do it.

As of February, you can find my take on how to grow a business and enterprise in the 21stCentury on my website, You’ll find the business blog easily on the site, and I invite you to follow it if you’re looking for insight on how to take your business or social enterprise from surviving to thriving. As with my other blog, the posts on this site will be published every other week.


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