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Earlier this year, I wrote about Facebook and the change to their algorithms, which you can read here. Organic reach, in other words, unpaid views has plummeted. The bottom line is that Facebook wants you to pay to promote your page or posts.

But, while paying to strategically boost posts or your page may make good sense, there are other things you can do to improve your presence on Facebook. Ninety percent of people who like a Facebook page never come back.

If you’re like me, you may like a page. What I do then is see what content is delivered on that page to my timeline. If after a few weeks I don’t find it interesting or engaging I quickly unlike a page. There are times I forget that I liked a page because I see nothing from them. Until one day something pops up on my timeline. Typically, when that happens, I wonder why I even liked the page in the first place because I don’t see frequent content and I hit the unlike button.

Where Your Supporters Are

Facebook is the daddy of all social media platforms. At present, it has over 53.4 percent of the market share on social media. The next most significant in terms of market share is YouTube with 17.2 percent. Facebook has are over 1.23 billion users around the world.

Facebook can certainly be a powerful social media tool. Many nonprofits, social enterprises and small businesses have a presence on Facebook. People typically use Facebook because they want to stay in touch with their friends, family and people who are known to them. A secondary consideration for people is liking a page for a business or nonprofit. While Facebook is important, you always want to keep in mind the primary motivating factor for people’s use of Facebook.

Engage, Engage, Engage

Social media platforms are all about social networking. In other words, it’s all about social engagement. When your organization posts each week to your Facebook page, use content that will motivate others to engage. Facebook is about people, so the content copy has to be real. It has to speak to people and be written to provide a value.

When people take some sort of action, either by sharing a post or making a comment, you need to respond. Social networking is all about engagement. When someone takes an action, make sure you respond. Do so promptly and if you happen to have a good conversation going in your “comments” section related to a post, for instance, keep the dialogue moving forward. In other words, moderate discussion comments on your posts.

Video and Pictures

If you scroll through your own Facebook timeline, you’ll see plenty of pictures and videos. There’s a reason for the expression, “a picture’s worth a thousand words,”  and that’s why marketers add images.

Your posts should always have photography or graphics to accompany the copy. We do this for all of our posts. An additional strategy that we use is to have inspirational quotes with great imagery.

Don’t Forget to Cross Promote

Facebook is the parent company of Instagram having bought it in 2012. Instagram is all about pictures. Recently, Instagram started using the following sponsored buttons: “Shop Now,”“Learn More,”“Install Now,” and “Sign Up.” This now links an end-user straight into a sponsors website when there is a response to a call to action.

Social media integration is becoming more seamless. Take advantage of posting a great image on Instragram and also have it post to Facebook or Twitter with the touch of a button. You can cross promote across varying social media platforms easily. Take advantage of it.

Being on Facebook regularly each week, offering high quality content and engaging with your supporters will go a long way to helping your effectiveness on this platform.


Author of “The Rise and Fail of Charities In the 21st Century: How The Nonprofit World Is Changing And What You Can Do To Be Ready”.


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