I’m always about thinking big and staying positive as much as I can. But, today I was in a meeting, and one of the people in the room was telling us about the worst piece of advice he received.

And that got me thinking?

What is the worst piece of advice someone ever gave you?

It’s an interesting question because sometimes to know what you need to do, you should be aware of what not to do. So, here are some of my favorites people have given me and that I’ve heard from others. If you want to share some of your favorite ones, please feel free to connect with me on Twitter.

Depending on your life experience and circumstance, some of these may resonate with you.

  1. You can’t do it that way.
  2. There’s no future in technology.
  3. It’ll never happen.
  4. You’ll love the green stuff next to the sushi.
  5. Follow your passion.
  6. Don’t follow your passion.
  7. Success will be yours tomorrow if you just (buy the book, attend the seminar, etc.).
  8. Get married.
  9. Be sensible.
  10. You need money to start a successful company.
  11. You’re not there to make friends.
  12. It looks good on you.
  13. You have responsibilities, don’t invest in yourself.
  14. It’s not the right time to take a vacation.
  15. You can’t learn from them; they’re too young (or they’re too old).
  16. You can have it all.
  17. If you settle, you’ll be safe.
  18. You’re too young.
  19. You’re too old.
  20. You need a college degree or a graduate degree.
  21. Don’t let them “get away” with that.
  22. Everything in the world has already been done.
  23. Fake it until you make it. (Sometimes, it shows).
  24. Keep your head down and hope for the best.
  25. It’ll never happen.


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