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Although it makes a lot of sense to create a Facebook page for your nonprofit, most people will visit it just once. Because of that fact and the notorious Facebook algorithms which change regularly, your charity has to be aggressive about keeping those who like your page continually seeing it on their personal timelines.

As reported by SproutSocial, some statistics demonstrate why it’s essential for your brand to have a page on this social networking platform:

  • 32 percent of Facebook users regularly engage with brands.
  • During the course of a month, there are 5 billion comments on Facebook pages engaging with brands.

The fact of the matter is that it’s important to keep your nonprofit brand relevant with a Facebook page. However, because of the algorithms, which can quickly drive your page off the timelines of your followers, it’s also essential to understand how to keep people engaging with your page, so it appears on the feeds of your followers and doesn’t disappear.

  1. Keep it fresh. Since the vast majority of people will visit your page only once, and they will make a quick decision at that time to like it or not, make it a point to have compelling profile and cover pictures. Add your website URL and a brief description of your work, which can quickly be scanned. In other words, provide people who visit with a reason to want to like your page.
  2. Facebook Social Plug-ins. Once you’ve got those basics covered, you’ll want to make it easy to for people to like, share and comment on your page. Last year, Mark Zuckerberg changed the algorithms and prioritized pages that had lots of engagement on people’s timelines. By using the Facebook Page Plug-in, you can promote your page on your website, and people can share or like your page without ever leaving your site, which is a great promotion tool using two separate platforms.
  3. Use a CTA on Your Cover Page. One of the first things that people will see when they visit your Facebook page is your cover page. This is an excellent opportunity for you to have a call to action. There are several things you can do to grab someone’s attention quickly. You can ask people to sign-up, get a copy of a free resource you’re giving away on a dedicated landing page, or watch a video. Be creative and use the opportunity wisely to give people a reason right from the start to engage with you.
  4. Automate Your Content. We all know that nonprofits operate with limited resources and people, and one of the simplest things that you can do is to automate the content that you post to your Facebook page, so you are sure that you have fresh content being published daily. Pick a day each month and spend it scheduling content using a social media management platform such as Hootsuite, Hubspot or IFTTT.
  5. Run a Promotion. A great way to get people to sign-up on your Facebook page is to run a fun promotion. Now, you may be wondering what a nonprofit can give-away that people will want. There are several things. Perhaps you have a high-profile donor who can spend time in a personal meeting with a lucky winner, or you can give away something like an auction item during a promotional event, which can also serve as a fundraiser.
  6. Pin Your Facebook Page. If you have an excellent post, photo or video that you think will attract people to like or engage with your page immediately, then use the Facebook pin feature to keep it at the top of your page. When you pin something to the top of your page, it will allow people who visit to see the post first no matter what comes after it and it will remain there as long as you want.
  7. Facebook Ads. An excellent way to get more people onto your Facebook page to like it is to place strategic Facebook ads. While many nonprofits prefer not to have to pay for promotional services, in the long run, placing inexpensive Facebook ads that will grow your number of followers is a good strategy so long as you are regularly engaging with your followers on the platform.
  8. Use Facebook Apps. If you’re looking for different things to keep your Facebook page fresh, use Facebook apps. By using apps, you can diversify the content that you feature on your page, such as provide people with fun polls and quizzes that will help you to engage your audience. Additionally, you can also post your blog’s RSS feed to your page through the use of a Facebook app, which is a great way to have fresh content on the page.
  9. Cross-promote. Since most people will visit your Facebook page once, it’s important to remind your followers that you have valuable content on the Facebook page. Therefore, when you promote via email or direct response, remind people to visit and like your Facebook page and tell them that to keep seeing your page and what you have to say, they have to like, comment or share your posts. That’s the only way that your page will remain on their timelines.
  10. Facebook-Only Content. Provide your followers with content that they can only find on Facebook. This is an excellent strategy to pique the interest of people to go to your Facebook page. Make sure that the content is something that is compelling and provides people with a value that they will want to see. You can promote Facebook-only content with the use of ads or cross-promote it in your newsletters or other promotional platforms.


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