social media effectivenessIt seems to be a challenge these days to stay ahead of everything that is happening in digital marketing, especially social media. However, every fundraiser and nonprofit leader have to work to stay ahead of the curve. Social media is a critical piece for most nonprofits to raise awareness, get donors and supporters.

The following is a look at where we stand at the moment and what you should be aware of for your nonprofit marketing:

  • Social platform diversity. Most nonprofits use Facebook, but this year we’ve seen considerable gains in traction with other platforms. Snapchat and Instagram have come into their own and will continue to grow.
  • Engagement goes minimal. More people post daily to Snapchat. That’s not the case with Facebook. Snapchat has gained social media market-share because people’s posts disappear. Facebook is looking to compete with the same type of tool.
  • Voice search is entering the digital marketing age. Siri, Cortana and Now have become more powerful and they are challenging marketers around keyword searching. Look for increased voice search usage and marketers to work around these tools.
  • Quality has become exceptionally important. There is so much information out there and social media platforms are tweaking algorithms to show only what they think users want to see. If your post is not high quality with good information, don’t post it.
  • Real time posting is beginning to dominate. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the pack, start using Periscope and Facebook Live. The genie came out of the bottle this year and people are only looking to see more real time videos and content.
  • Augmented reality will continue to grow. We saw it this year with the Pokémon GO The digital and real worlds are beginning to blend and it will only get better and more creative.
  • You’ll see more advertisements. There’s so much traffic on social media that it’s only natural platforms are going to squeeze as much revenue as possible. Still, social media platforms are careful to keep the user experience high.
  • Employees are becoming brand ambassadors. Savvy employers are developing social media programs for their employees because they know that their endorsements make a difference.
  • Social media and revenue are integrating. In the business world, sales and marketing teams are working together toward the bottom line. In the nonprofit sector, smart organizations are getting their fundraisers involved in social media strategy.
  • Analytics are becoming more robust. Social media platforms and management tools understand the need for marketers to have data to make decisions. Analytics are becoming easier to use, more comprehensive and richer in the insights.


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