get more likesRecently a team member told me that she had gone to do some research on Facebook for a potential client, and it was essentially a dead account. The nonprofit locked up the Facebook page so they could prevent others from using their name on the platform, but the page was mostly useless with limited information.

That’s a missed opportunity. What follows are some quick tips for organizations that are stretched and with scarce resources:

  1. One Visit. Most people will visit a business or nonprofit’s page only once. They’ll take a quick look, like it or not, and then they’ll probably never visit again. Make sure to include your nonprofit information on the page, along with a great profile picture and cover photo (look fresh and creative). Also, make sure to add your URL. It’s a missed opportunity not to have the basics done.
  1. Add Facebook Apps. Facebook has a way for you to add apps that will help you add and diversify content. You can add apps that will give you features to do quizzes and polls. You can also add apps that will help you bring your blog’s RSS feed into your Facebook page.
  1. Use Facebook Social Plug-ins. Social plug-ins are the “Like”, share and other buttons. The Facebook Page Plug-in allows you to promote your page on your website and visitors can like or share your page without ever leaving your site.
  1. Automatic Content. Many nonprofits have limited time and resources, and one of the easiest things you can do is automate and schedule posts. Take a little time and schedule posts out for weeks and then as things happen that are current, you can add those easier.
  1. Run a Promotion. An excellent way to get more Facebook likes to your page is to run a promotion. We’ve done it in various ways, and it’s a good way to get people interested in what you have to offer. Click here for Facebook’s promotions guidelines. 
  1. Call to Action. Place a CTA on your cover photo (and, again, make sure you have an awesome cover photo). People will naturally see your cover photo and their eyes will also see the CTA’s. Some Facebook CTA’s include, “Sign-Up,” “Watch Video,” or “Book Now.”
  1. Facebook Only Content. Give your followers an extra reason to keep your Facebook page top of mind. Promote the fact that you’ll have content available only on Facebook and then give your supporters what they want to see concerning topics that have the highest levels of engagement.
  1. Facebook Ads. They work, and they’re not expensive. You can customize demographics on who will see your ad. They work to boost your posts and also likes to your page.
  1. Ask Your Database. When you do emails or other types of direct response, ask your supporters to follow your Facebook page. Don’t assume that people will search you out on that platform. So, give them a reason to look for you, and if you run a promotion exclusively on Facebook or have Facebook-specific content, you’ll drive people to your page.
  1. Pin to Your Facebook Page. Use the “pin” feature to keep at the top of your page relevant posts, photos, and videos that you want to share. You can learn about pinning a post by clicking here.


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